Thursday, August 29, 2013

Algae optics in Wisconsin

On the last day in Wisconsin I was out on a 4-wheeler ride when I saw a puddle back in the woods with a greenish film on it and decided to check it out to see if there was any optics in the algae film and lo and behold I saw a spectacular display of diffraction in the form of a corona around the sun's reflection, Qu├ętelet rings and a algae glory around my shadow. I could also see a fogbow like glow around the glory. I took quite a few pic's of this and I have always wanted to see some algae optics after seeing Marko Rikonnen's algae optics images that were taken from rocky islands in the Baltic Sea

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  1. Any idea what species of algae? And at what time of year is the phenomenon most likely to be noticed at your latitude? I'm at close to 42 degrees north in New England. Also: have you noticed which (if any) similar phenomena are rendered clearer when viewed thru polaroid sunglasses?