Sunday, March 12, 2017

Red Cedar pollen corona

Just like back in 2015 the red cedar trees began pollinating and there was no cloud in the sky but I looked up at the sun and saw the circular rings of a pollen corona

Quetelet Rings on a projection TV mirror.

This weekend I brought home 3 rear projection TV's to take apart to get to the Fresnel lenses that are in the screens and while pulling out the mirror that is in the back of the TV, I saw a dust film on it and I happen to see the sun's reflection form colorful Quetelet  rings that curve away from the reflection. These rings were only bright they were very colorful, and well formed

First decent halo complex for the 2017 year

On the 17th on January I got my first decent halo complex and this was a column dominated display with nice upper tangent arc, and 46 supralateral arc.

Binary double rainbows

Its been quite a while since I posted in my blog but this year I got some decent optics and here is one of them. One night rain was falling in the form of a fine mist and instead of using one LED flashlight I used two! and this was a lot of fun because when I crossed the beams and placed the camera where the beams crossed I got two sets of bows that crossed over one another. This binary rainbow experiment is way to visualize seeing rainbows on an exoplanet that orbits a binary star system like planet Tatooine from Star Wars

Saturday, April 9, 2016

The 2016 halo season is off to a decent start and last weekend I got an elliptical halo from AC clouds precipitating ice crystals and it came and went. I also got a horseshoe vortex cloud as well