Sunday, March 10, 2019

halo complex of Feb 18 2018

This was a nice halo complex on Feb 18 2018 and this one had quite a few rare halos, In all I got upper concave parry arc, 120d parhelia, blue spot on parhelic circle, Wegener arcs, and a rare high-sun Tricker anthelic arc.

On Jan 25th I got an elliptical halo.

Windshield halos of Jan 2018

This is a neat display in an unusual area. Diamond dust crystals formed parhelia around a spotlight but due to the fact the camera lens was out of focus and the halos blurred they are being included. I later on walked past my dad's car and saw a band of sparkles sweep over the windshield and I looked closely and saw subparhelia flanking the light reflection on the window. I used my LED flashlight and I got to get my first well-formed subparhelia along with faint sub-parhelic circle and a circumhorizon arc

Pyramidal halos of Jun 17 2017

A little over half a month later pyramidal halos returned. The first stage of the display shows 9, 18, and 23d halos with 18 and 23d plate arcs and the halos died down around midday. Later on when the sun was getting low the smooth textured cloud of pyramidal crystals began moving in. The 2nd stage was the best with 9, 18, 22, 24, and faint 35d halo with bright lower 9d plate arc, 18d plate arcs and lower 24d plate arcs. When the sun got even lower I got upper 9 and 24d plate arcs which were firsts for me. The plate arcs in the 2nd stage of this display were bright and well formed and they even showed the arc shape due to better plate orientation.

Pyramidal halos May 29 2017

Its been over a year since I have updated by atmospheric optics blog  but my computer kept doing the blue screen crash but was replaced in july 2017. In 2017 I got numerous rare halos from pyramidal crystals and here is a display from May 29 2017 and this one had up to 5 rings with radii of 9, 20, 22, 24, and 35d halos. The 20 and 35d halos in this display are my best to date


Sunday, March 12, 2017

Red Cedar pollen corona

Just like back in 2015 the red cedar trees began pollinating and there was no cloud in the sky but I looked up at the sun and saw the circular rings of a pollen corona

Quetelet Rings on a projection TV mirror.

This weekend I brought home 3 rear projection TV's to take apart to get to the Fresnel lenses that are in the screens and while pulling out the mirror that is in the back of the TV, I saw a dust film on it and I happen to see the sun's reflection form colorful Quetelet  rings that curve away from the reflection. These rings were only bright they were very colorful, and well formed